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The company of interior lighting Slamp transforms its materials into "décor" thanks to its sophisticated productive technology. It selects the best possible natural and technical materials for its lamps: natural leather, prestigious woods, Swarovski® crystals, anodized brass, steel, shiny finish inox steel.The materials in sheets which characterize the Slamp designer lamps are: Opalflex® Cristalflex® Steelflex®.Opalflex®Opalflex®Exclusive material which is recyclable and patented used for making Slamp lamps. Luminous, opalescent and as attractive as glass, versatile and unbreakable as plastic, it is patented and produced exclusively for the interior lighting company Slamp. Opalflex® is a totally original mix of polymers and particular additives with unique properties for the emanation of light. The gradation of the colours, which is also brought about by serigraphic means, renders the lamps into luminous presences which create a specifically unmistakable atmosphere.Cristalflex®Transparent material developed and produced by Bayer Vivak®. As brilliant as glass, light and versatile as only modern materials can be. The lamps are therefore light and have a characteristic contemporary touch.Steelflex®Innovative material with a perfectly reflecting surface. A mirror which distinguishes itself for its flexibility, a quality which is absolutely indispensable for all the Slamp sheet materials so as to create particular lamps in perfect contemporary style.Lentiflex®Is a material made using particular manufacturing techniques which make the surface "faceted" as if it were formed from many little prisms. The new material, which has a strong seducing power, creates intriguing and fascinating refractive effects and reflections of the light. Thanks to the superimposing of two layers of material with an inverse inclination of 12°, Lentiflex® … changes colour and form just as water does, depending on the differing points of observation.Iridescent EffectThe Polycarbonate base undergoes an anti-scratch treatment which makes it even more resistant.The metallizing technology comes about through a process of depositing metal powders on the material which "excited" by the light, reflect the whole range of chromatic colours.The result is an extraordinary iridescent effect, which varies according to the angle of incidence of the light.ProductsSlamp uses the best technical and natural materials for making its own lamps and creations for furnishing lightings: real leather, natural leather, prestigious woods, Swarovski® crystals, Opalflex® Cristalflex® Steelflex®.Quality controlEach lamp is checked, examined and verified at each stage of its making so as to maintain all the characteristics of quality and success which distinguish the SLAMP lamps and creations for interior lighting.Qualified StaffThe production department is entrusted to qualified operators who are selected on the basis of their competency. All the work procedures are carried out scrupulously and rigorously.